Landscaping in Portland, OR Can Improve Your Property

March 8, 2016

At Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC, we go beyond basic landscaping in Portland, OR. We can also build retaining walls, walkways and water features, along with planting ornamental foliage. Give us a call if you want more for your yard than just a lawn and trees!


Combining hardscaping with landscaping makes your yard more accessible as well as attractive. If you’ve desired a pond or fountain for years but did not want to do this on your own, we can design and build one for you. We can also create walkways and patios using pavers of many shapes and sizes, or control your erosion issues with an effective and decorative retaining wall.

Care for your greenery

Just because we can build and design does not mean we lack green thumbs! If your lawn needs re-seeding after a rough winter or you want a shade tree, we can plant those, too. Bringing in new trees, especially, can be hard work if you are not experienced, so put us in charge of digging those deep holes! We can help give your new plants a healthy beginning by planting them right.

If you need attentive landscaping in Portland, OR, call Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC. We look forward to hearing from you!

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