Hardscaping Services in Milwaukie, OR

hard scapeIncorporate a unique exterior design into your home, office or yard with Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC hardscaping services. We can find you honest and trustworthy hardscaping contractors in the Milwaukie, OR area. When you are in need to add concrete pavers, block and retaining walls, brick and paver pathways we are the ones to call.

Since 1990, we have been the number one company to handle all of your hardscaping services. Our team can introduce any hard landscape materials into your yard, office or home environment to meet all of your hardscaping needs. Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC provides you with phenomenal hardscaping contractors that will go above and beyond to personally customize your exterior design. With our services, you can count on a quality job being done.

Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC has always made customer satisfaction our priority. When you rely on us for any of your hardscaping service you rest assured you will be a satisfied customer. We can provide you with affordable rates for residential and commercial hardscaping services. It doesn’t matter the specific hardscaping service

Paver patio
Flagstone pavers for a professional plaza sitting area.

stone wallWith over 25 years experience our team knows how to handle all of your hardscaping needs. We know the difficulties that can arise when you try to hardscape on your own. At Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC you won’t have to worry about figuring out the details on your own. With our services, we will guarantee that you will have an exceptional job done on all of your hardscaping projects.

Locating a quality hardscaping contractor can be a burdensome task to accomplish by yourself. Otty’s Landscape Construction LLC makes sure that every hardscaping job that you need to be taken care of is properly addressed and finished in a timely manner. It can be time-consuming and complicated to hardscape on your own and that’s where we come in the picture.

We have always been invested in taking care of all of their customer’s needs. Our team can install hardscaping to your home, office or yard that meets your specific style. We know the enhancement that beautiful aesthetics such as hardscaping can add to your exterior design. Let our landscaping and hardscaping professionals take care of you when you need it most.